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Cueva de la medusas – The Jellyfish Cave Ibiza

Ibiza has so many secret calas and caves to explore and this is one of the island’s most breathtaking. It’s like entering a magical kingdom where the rock formations take on the appearance of sinuous tentacles.

This walk is for the adventurous only and sensible footwear is needed, flip flops won’t cut the mustard as you have to scramble and climb over rocks.

The steep drive down to the parking spot is not for the faint hearted with a sheer drop on one side and the road only wide enough for one way traffic with a few spots where you can let oncoming cars pass. Alternatively, I’d recommend you park at the top and enjoy the walk down the steep windy road. I personally would have found it difficult to attempt this drive and would have played it cool by parking my car along the roadside.

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To start this adventure head to the village of Sant Vicente located in the north of the island. The turn off from the PM-811 that will take you all the way to this magical spot has a very small sign for Es Cafe – Casa Pepe – a lovely Thai restaurant that you might like to visit to refuel on the way back.

Location 39.0800004, 1.5632729

It’s worth noting that after this turning you’ll likely lose your mobile reception, so from this point onwards, you’re on your own!

You might like to screen capture what to do for when you arrive at the end.

 Before you lose your reception take note and add these coordinates for parking and walking down the hill should you be a nervous driver.

Location: 39°05’27.5″N 1°33’44.9″E

Alongside the first home on the right you will notice a small walkway alongside the villa grounds, Follow this pathway all the way through the bushes and down the pebbled stepway to hit the beach area.

 When you reach the beach continue to the right and this is where the fun and games start to reach the cave.

Follow the coastline hopping up and down over and around the gigantic boulders, Keep an eye out for where you’re stepping, some smaller rocks are very loose and slippery.I recommend hitting this obstacle course about halfway up.

When you finally reach the end you will notice the entrance to the cave, it’s quite a steep climb and you have two ways to attempt to enter, pay attention to the sandy rocks that might be loose and only enter if you are sure you are able to get up and back down!  

Destination location 39.095966 1.566893

You actually have two caves to check out, the left one is very dark but the medusa cave has an opening high up where the natural light beams in lighting up this magical spot.

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